Mr. Ravi Nagar

I had a chance meeting with Mr. Subra and we got around talking about my finances and he introduced me to his world of intricate and complex web of “managing the finances”- and he took me by surprise; I had big apprehensions about my available finances being sufficient for after retirement, buying a new car or getting the house renovated to something as mundane as buying a new music system!

He took me through the labyrinth of the expenses and the available resources and how to deploy these in the most effective manner- something I had never thought of and the haze that was clouding my mind was cleared. He explained in the most patient manner, the intricacies of the fund management and proper and effective deployment of these.Due to his guidance, I was able to save massive interest charges on my loan and also being able to spend and meet my nearby goals and plan for the future.

A big burden, anxiety and confusion that was prevailing, he managed to put these to rest and suddenly, the life looks comfortable and ‘not-so-complicated’, indeed.

Thank you Subra, a million tons- for being a true friend, philosopher and guide. We owe it to you.

Mr & Mrs. Chan 

We have known Kelly for many years now, started off as my life insurance agent back then, now she is my family’s financial adviser since 2015.

She has always been there for our needs and most importantly she has helped me to protect my family from any unforeseen/unfortunate events. In Sep’2016, my wife was diagnosed with early stage of breast cancer, the medical insurance which we have engaged via Kelly since 2009 has helped us tremendously financially and we have managed to sail through the difficult period smoothly.  I’ve been always grateful and glad that I’ve made the right decision based on Kelly‘s advice back then.

She is no doubt a true professional in her field. She has been constantly upgrading of her knowledge on the financial planning industry, insurance/investment products, regulations etc and ensuring her client’s interest is well protected. We feel comfortable and we are confident that we are in Kelly‘s good hands in achieving of our family’s financial goals !



A million thanks to our financial planner Ms Kelly Wong. She has always listened carefully, understands in detail, & generously shared her knowledge after comprehensively analysis. As we started in our financial planning journey, my family and I have been able to see our financial situation from a broader and more holistic perspective. Hence, our family goals have never been more clear & achievable. In our investment portfolio, Kelly will continuously analyze and give constructive suggestion for us. Having her expertise and advise, we are truly grateful and at ease. We know our finances are well taken care of.

Dr. Sundari Ramakrishna, Conservation Director, WWF Malaysia

The process of developing the financial plan gave me an opportunity to really understand what is my actual income and assets that I have from different sources. It details out the various expenditures, including taxes & insurance that I have to spend on and gives a good picture on my actual financial status. It sets out and gives me a concrete plan on how I can be financially stable, achieve my retirement goals and dreams cum ambition. My dream of purchasing a C or E class Mercedes is being fulfilled. With the financial plan I was able to know if I can afford to buy a Mercedes to fulfill my life long dream since I was 11 year old girl when I first saw a Mercedes sports model parked outside our family house in KL. The financial plan helps to set my financial goals. Subra did a fantastic task of detailing the plan and made me realise that I can actually afford to purchase a Mercedes this month in January, 2016. Worth every penny to invest in the financial planning excercise. Thank you.

Mr. Yeong Yeng Yee, business owner from The Hungry Hog

Working with Kelly on my financial plan for the past 2 years has been an enlightening and immensely satisfying journey. She proactively engages me on my financial and life goals, really listens to, understand my needs and works with me closely as a partner to develop a strategy to achieve those goals. Kelly is generous and patient in sharing her vast knowledge of financial tools, methods, products and risks to make me a better educated and mature investor. I feel more confident and well prepared in my financial foundation to launch forward with my life goals. Her professionalism and grounded approach to the consultant-client relationship has made growing together a truly rewarding experience.

Christine Wong and Subramany Appalanaidu

As our Financial Adviser these years, Kelly has established a balanced equilibrium of helping us move steadily towards our long-term financial goals without comprising our current preferred lifestyle. That brings us peace of mind and we are glad to be part of a sincere and transparent business relationship in which our financial interests and well-being are a priority. Kelly has shown great professionalism, integrity and truthfulness.

Dr Anasuya Jegathevi, Senior Lecturer

I have engaged Kelly as a financial consultant for a year, and it has been an interesting journey. One big difference is that the main focus is on my portfolio and not a specific company. Thus, I am getting a portfolio that is truly diversified and interesting. The risks are made transparent, the plan is within my control and the service has always been top notch. One thing I have learned in this year is that financial consultants act as partners, when we profit they profit, so while engaging their services I have to listen, learn and understand how and where the capital goes. Cheers for the good work.

Kisminder Singh, Mechanical Engineer

Blueprint Planning has provided me with an easy and comprehensive way to view the strengths and weaknesses of my overall financial status. The excellent support and suggestions from my financial planner has helped me to chart a route to achieve my targeted financial freedom. Their independent views and access to all kinds of products in the market let me choose the best and most cost efficient plans that suit my needs. I strongly recommend Blueprint to all young executives who would like to have an early kick start in their pathway to financial freedom.

Mr. Seluam, Farm Owner from Cameron Highlands

Mr. VP.Thanga has been our Financial Planner for the past 3 years. Now we have clear goals to achieve and we are confident of achieving them by periodic review and a systematic approach. Financially, we are more organised now. We are fully aware of our investments. We can choose the type of investments that suit our risk profile and protect ourselves from scams.

Dr Mohammad Naem Rathor, Managing Director of Kimia Suchi Sdn Bhd

I found in my dealings with Raju that he was both highly professional and personable in handling my private financial affairs. He seemed to have a detailed knowledge of the pension products available in the market and how to handle my requirements correctly and professionally.

Mr. Rajinder Singh, Lawyer at Bakar & Partners

Having used Blueprint Planning’s services, I have found them to have integrity, reliability and consistency in terms of planning my future and placing me in a strong position to retire with ease. Raju has a unique style of explaining and understanding the what, why and how we are going to achieve my financial goals, and he has always ensured the steps to get there are carried out. I have recommended (and would again) Blueprint Planning’s services to others in my circle and they have similarly been impressed with their outcomes.

Building Wealth Through Knowledge

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