Life as a Financial Planner

At Blueprint Planning, we offer unrivaled career opportunities as one of Malaysia’s leading financial planning businesses. Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, a career with us provides an exciting and challenging chance to become part of one of Malaysia’s fastest growing industries. As a financial planner, you will help individuals fulfill their financial and lifestyle goals through regular consultations. By creating holistic financial plans, you will assist clients through a range of services such as retirement planning, estate planning and cash-flow management.

You will learn about their hopes and goals and create strategies to help them achieve these by:

  • Having an extensive knowledge of financial markets
  • Providing a holistic approach to financial planning
  • Understanding trends and identifying potential risks
  • Taking a global outlook

Working in financial planning offers:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Strong career opportunities
  • The chance to generate a good income
  • Variety of work as you interact with a range of clients

Building Wealth Through Knowledge

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