Why work with us?

Blueprint Planning is a leading financial advisory in Malaysia, providing financial advice to clients around a range of wealth planning services. As an employee at Blueprint Planning, you will benefit from the opportunity to work alongside our high-performing team of professionals. Our planners bring skills from a range of backgrounds, ranging from aviation to academia, which maintains an innovative and open environment. We welcome you to meet the team and see for yourself how each member of the team contributes their unique experience to help our clients receive the best possible financial outcomes.

As a small and fast-growing business, employees gain exciting opportunities to make a real impact on our clients’ lives and benefit from our close-knit team of friendly staff. Our planners receive extensive training and mentoring, with ample opportunities to learn from our team and gain real-world experience. As an employee, you will also benefit from ongoing professional and personal training that will keep you updated on the best practices in financial planning.

In addition, Blueprint Planning offers five key characteristics that set us apart from the rest.

Full Pledged Financial Planning/ Financial Advisory Firm
We are fully licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia, the Securities Commission, FIMM and hold an Islamic Financial Planning License.

Our Holistic 7- Step Practice Model (PAP)
All of our products are offered with a Comprehensive Financial Plan and Product Advisory.

Multi Ethnic
We actively promote diversity in ideas and beliefs regardless of race, colour or sex.

Global Expertise and ASEAN presence
We embrace the Australian Practice Model and have established this model within the ASEAN region.

Peaceful and Quiet Location
We are easily located in a peaceful environment perfect for meetings.

Building Wealth Through Knowledge

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