Islamic Financial Planning

Blueprint Planning offers a comprehensive Islamic financial planning service based on the principles of Syariah. Our Islamic Financial Planners are recognised by the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) and Bank Negara Malaysia through the qualification of Islamic Financial Planner (IFP). Islamic finance is a fast-growing global market with a strong base in Malaysia and dates back to the first introduction of the Tabung Haji in the 1960’s. While providing customers with competitive products and services, Islamic financial products follow core Islamic values and principles such as avoiding gambling (Maysir) and speculative trading (Gharar).

We offer a comprehensive set of Islamic Financial Planning services including:

  • Islamic Investment Planning
  • Islamic International Wealth Management (Takaful)
  • Islamic Wealth Protection
  • Education Planning
  • Islamic Estate Planning
  • Hajj Planning
  • Waqf Planning
  • Zakat Calculation & Cleansing of Wealth

What is the difference between Financial Planning and Islamic Financial Planning?

An Islamic financial plan has the same objectives as a regular financial plan – to help people accumulate, protect and distribute their wealth. The difference is that an Islamic financial plan is created in accordance with Islamic values and principles. For example, people following these plans should only invest in Syariah compliant investments and will need specific plans for zakat and to plan for his/her hajj. This service is ideal for those who wish to plan for their future while following Islamic values.

Building Wealth Through Knowledge

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